Benefits and obligations of using Abortion Pills

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, January 27, 2020

Medical abortion is a completely non-invasive method which is performed with the help of meds. The instruments or any other things are not being used while using medical abortion. If women do wish to have a surgical abortion, then she may have to visit the clinics and get the abortion done under the supervision of health care providers.

Women who have a medical abortion simply have to buy online Abortion Pill kit and get the pregnancy terminated in an effective manner.

Below given is the list of benefits that can be experienced after using Abortion Pills


With the use of Mifeprex and Cytotec pill women are likely to maintain the privacy of abortion. This process is performed at home, it helps to maintain the privacy of the process. The medical abortion process helps women to safely get the pregnancy terminated effectively.

Cost affordable

This process is affordable for women easily. If the cost of surgery cannot be afforded by women than choosing medical abortion can prove to be the best option. This process does not cost more than $500 and hence women only have to bear the cost of the meds and one time visit for a consultation.

No infection

Medical abortion is an easy process and can help women to get the pregnancy terminated easily terminated. While women have made the use of MTP kit there are no or fewer chances of having an infection. When women do make use of surgical abortion, there are chances that women may have an infection and hence to avoid the risk of having an infection, women can safely make use of medical abortion.

Earlier termination

Women who have a surgical abortion need to ensure that the gestation period of the pregnancy should be above 9 weeks. Women id does not wish to continue the pregnancy, then she can get the pregnancy terminated with the help of meds.

No pain is caused to the fetus

Most of the women do have a misunderstanding that the pain is caused to the fetus. Medical abortion is performed even when the fetus is not growing and hence no damage is caused to the fetus. Till the 9 weeks, the fetus is not growing and hence it is fine to terminate the pregnancy with the help of meds.


No late termination

Once women get pregnant, women must make use of the online MTP kit pill only until 9 weeks. If the gestation period of the pregnancy is above 9 weeks, then women need to avoid the use of the meds. As medical abortion cannot be performed on the pregnancy with the gestation period above 9 weeks.

Takes a long time

The Medical abortion process takes a long time as these pills take the time of 2 days to get the fetus expelled and further women do bleed for a week or two and hence this process is considered to be a long process of terminating the pregnancy.

Meds may fail at times

At times if women do fail to make use of the meds properly, then the pills may fail to work. When the pills fail to work women need to undergo a surgical abortion and this can increase the stress in women. Hence there are 2-5% chances that women may have to face the failure of the pills.

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