Why women are asked to make use of prescribed meds for abortion?

by John Smith

Posted on Friday, January 10, 2020

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two meds that are prescribed so that they can help women have an unplanned pregnancy terminated. However, this doesn’t mean that any woman can simply buy Abortion Pills to terminate the pregnancy. One must check the eligibility to use the meds to get the pregnancy terminated. For this, one can rely on the physician or the health care provider to make the decision.

The following are the reasons due to which women are asked to purchase prescribed Abortion Pills.

Safe options

Every body type is different and the reaction of different meds is different on every woman’s body. Using the Abortion Pills which are prescribed to you by your health care provider helps you get the med that suits your body type. Most of the health care provider asks women to buy Mifepristone along with Misoprostol online and get the pregnancy terminated.

Helps to stay away from the risks

The health care provider does know about your body better. If you do have any contradictions, then your health care provider can provide you with some of the meds. This med can help you ease on the side effects and hence when you use the meds which are prescribed by health care provider helps you avoid the risk of having an infection.

Understanding the process

When you are prescribed with the pregnancy termination pills, it is common that your health care provider may suggest the administration process to terminate the pregnancy. Also, your health care provider explains everything about the precautions which are to take and which can help to terminate the pregnancy effectively.

Online options

Several websites are available and women can go through these online stores and choose the meds to terminate the pregnancy. This website does have online expert those who help women to know about the process and the precautions which are to be taken. Women are purchasing the pills from the online store after seeking the prescription form the health care provider. This helps women to get an effective and approved med, which helps to terminate the pregnancy at home.


Unlike surgical abortion, medical abortion does not require to go to the clinic to undergo the process of terminating the pregnancy. Women can call the physician and check the pregnancy status or can consult the health care provider to know about medical abortion. This can help women to maintain secrecy about unplanned pregnancy and abortion.

Additionally, if women do prefer to purchase the pills from the online stores, then you can get this med delivered at your doorsteps. Also, this is the method that helps you maintain privacy about abortion.

Medical abortion is an easy process which helps women to terminate the pregnancy at home. Be it a local store or online store women must have a prescription to purchase Abortion Pills online. If any website does provide, you med without a prescription then do check the website twice and then order Abortion pills.

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