Development of baby in the uterus and different stages

by John Smith

Posted on Monday, February 3, 2020

When pregnancy is diagnosed in women, it becomes one of the best news, which can add happiness in the life of women. Usually, when a pregnancy is diagnosed, it means women have to go through 40 weeks of the pregnancy. It is asked women to have regular checks and stay prepared and alert of the pregnancy care and instructions. While having pregnant women must know the development of the baby as per each trimester

Women need to know about each trimester and do take the decision of abortion at the earliest. If women do not wish to continue with the pregnancy then women need to buy online Abortion Pills and get the pregnancy terminated easily at home corners. Medical abortion is only the process that can be performed only during the first trimester and cannot be performed after that.

Stages of pregnancy as per weeks

  1. 1st trimester- up to 12 weeks
  2. 2nd trimester-13 to 27 weeks
  3. 3rd trimester-28 till birth

First trimester

During this first-week women are unable even to discover the pregnancy. Missed periods are the first sign that women do have a pregnancy. That’s when women suspect something and can have a home pregnancy test to confirm whether women are pregnant or not. 

Growth of baby as per the weeks

2nd week

During this week egg meets the sperm and women can conceive.

3rd week

During this stage, the pregnancy is known as blastocyst wherein hundreds of cells get multiplied.

4th week

During this stage, the pregnancy is called an embryo and it is formed in two layers. The placenta begins to develop during this stage.

5th week

During this stage, the changes in the body can be experienced such as sore breast and tiredness. The development of an embryo can be experienced rapidly.

6th week

During this stage, women can feel feverish or can encounter spots which are the common symptoms of abortion. Also, the nose, mouth, and ears begin to develop.

7th week

During this stage, the progesterone hormones make bodily changes. The embryo has a tail from this stage. During this stage, women do begin to feel uncomfortable in the uterus as it begins to double.

8th week

During this stage, the baby starts to move, even though women are unable to feel.

13th week

This is the last week of the first trimester and the embryo grows till 3 inches and can move in the uterus lining.

Second trimester

14th weeks

Tiny features of your baby can change your expressions. Unlike the first trimester, you may not feel weak and tired instead you may feel active.

18th week

During this stage, the genitals of the baby can be seen via ultrasound. Women may begin to feel hungry often during this stage of pregnancy.

24th week

Till this stage, the ears develop and baby may even the motions can be felt. While the size of the baby grows bigger than soccer balls women can feel swelling near the feet.

27th week

This is the last week of the second trimester and the baby becomes able to open or close its eye. Even during this stage, the baby sucks the fingers and moves more often in the abdomen.

Third trimester

32 weeks

During this time, it becomes difficult for women to breathe as the uterus begins to expand and this can lead to heartburn.

36th week

Till this stage, the growth of the baby becomes stable and begins to gain weight rapidly. Once the growth is complete a little pain can be experienced. 

41st week

Till this stage, possibly women can have a water break and the time arrive when the baby is ready to come to the world.

It is necessary that throughout the pregnancy women do make sure that she does be in touch with her gynecologist and seek the best care which is required.

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