Post-abortion infection and risk involved

by John Smith

Posted on Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Even after making the use of the Abortion Pills women are at risk of having a post-abortion infection. Women those who have nausea, vomiting, fatigue or fever for more than 24 hours, if you have belly pain, if you have a foul vaginal discharge, if you have a lot of blood loss for a long time, if your breast feels sore, then you do have an infection and it is necessary that it must be treated right away with the help of a medical expert.

Signs of having an infection

A woman may have a fever after the use of the Misoprostol pill and these may last for 24 hours or less. Usually, when women do have a fever it is below 100.4 F and a person is required to look for medical help.

The online purchase Abortion Pill from the online stores proves to be one of the best options, but there are online stores those who provide invasive methods and this can prove to be dangerous for the health of women and hence the accessibility of such things is prohibited.  The risk of having an infection increases if the female does have a child and then she again terminates the pregnancy.

Additional information

Post-abortion infection is not defined in a good manner and there is no such particular infection, which may affect women post-abortion. The most common type of infection that is reported is endometritis and this is a type of infection that can be seen in the uterine lining and genital tract. At times this also engages the infection of the urinary system and reproductive organs.

Clostridium Sordellii at times can lead to fetal infection in females who have just delivered. This is not an infection that only affects the women who have a medical abortion. This infection is a bit strange and the distinct symptoms and signs are linked to infections such as lack of fever, dramatic leukocytosis, effusion in serous cavities.

Symptoms that can be noticed after having an abortion

Below mentioned are the symptoms about which you need to caution post-abortion

  1. Some of the bleeding, which can be experienced after having an abortion is normal. This bleeding may continue for 4-14 days and the amount of bleeding that is being experienced is normal or similar to the menstrual periods. However, if you find bleeding is more or if you do not find any sign of a reduction in bleeding, then there are chances that you may have a tear or you may have an infection.
  2. A small fever after having an abortion is usual, but if the fever is 102 degrees F or it continues for a few days then there are chances that you may have an infection.
  3. Cramping and period-like pain are regular and usual, but if it is very painful then this is an extra indication and women are asked to seek medical help.
  4. In the case of medically induced pregnancy termination having nausea and chills are common, but if the symptoms are common then there are deeper complications.

The list may sound to be frightened, but it is advised that women do the online order MTP kit and follow all the instructions which are mentioned.


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